Features and benefits

From problem to solution, in a single management system.

Receive reports on issues in the company areas and enter requests for intervention. Organize interventions in a coordinated and timely manner.

The daily complexity of a company, under control.

Each issue report to the right recipient.

Forward the reports to the competent office or supplier automatically. Reduce management time by skipping manual steps.

Clear and defined processes for faster solutions.

Intervention management, without surprises.

Keep under control the timing of taking charge and resolution and monitor the quality of the interventions. Get periodic reports to identify critical areas and plan maintenance activities.

Acquiring a correct overview is the basis for anticipating problems.

A direct line with colleagues, collaborators, and suppliers.

Receive and send feedback on interventions, issue communications, alerts, and requests, publish useful information, and reach all colleagues with a click.

Involve everyone in the responsible management of the company.

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