Features and benefits

Receive issue reports

All in a single management system, without dispersion.

Receive all reports (also from the counter, telephone or email) in our management system. Already sorted, organized by category, and divided by competence.

Everything in order, to solve problems better and faster.

Sort to the right office

The right report to the right person.

Directly involve the actors concerned, skipping the manual steps. Simplifying interactions means reducing management times.

Leaner and more flexible processes for better results.

Automate processes

Your time, free from repetitive activities.

Delegate to our automations the necessary and fundamental processes that are repeated every day. From the sorting of reports to follow-ups.

You set the rules, Comuni-Chiamo executes.

Manage external suppliers

A direct channel with your solutions.

Communicate with your external suppliers easily and immediately, directly from our management system. To synchronize information and actions.

Simplify issues reports to optimize timing and results.

Inform the citizens

Participation passes through information.

All notices, news and events always updated in the app of your Municipality. Beautiful to look at, easy to customize, comfortable to use.

The cooperation of your citizens is important. Communicating in a timely manner, essential.

Chosen by 108 Municipalities

From small municipalities to more complex organizations.
To date, 4300 Operators are already working with Comuni-Chiamo every day.

Comuni-Chiamo is present on MEPA and on AGID's SAAS Marketplace. Our platform is also compliant with the GDPR and C-STAR security criteria.

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