Features and benefits

Receive the requests

A direct line with your customers.

Allow your customers to report issues, submit requests, and feedback easily and accurately directly online and through the app.

Solutions to customer problems are just a click away.

Unify your tools

Improve the management of your services.

Integrate the Comuni-Chiamo app with your intervention management system or manage all activities directly with us.

Maximum flexibility for customized solutions.

Organize the interventions

Manage and monitor external teams.

Assign activities and monitor in real-time the take-over times, the progress of the intervention, and the critical issues. Organize support activities and manage requests for materials, spare parts, or work tools.

A coordinated work organization reduces time and costs, maximizing the result.

Communicate with external teams and customers

Create an information-sharing environment.

Stay in touch with your external teams, collect customer ratings, issue alerts, and useful information with one click.

Communicate to anticipate critical issues and predict the needs of employees and customers.

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Simplify the management of your interventions with us.