Comuni-chiamo makes your work efficient

Stay in control, streamline communication and organize processes.

Decide who to involve

Determine who to receive issue reports from and who to reply to. The participation of citizens, collaborators, employees, customers and suppliers inside an app.
Search filters
Visibility and permissions
Customizable deadlines

Manage with a method

Receive all reports, even from different channels, in a single management system. Already sorted, organized by category and divided by competence.
perfect for working remotely!

Plan and collaborate

Organize work, assign priorities, monitor completion timing and communicate easily. With the activity log, you always know what the next step is.
Internal chat
Activity log

Take informed decisions

Analyze your business through our real-time statistics and periodic reports. Finding out in which areas you can improve has never been easier.
Export xls

Automate tasks

Create automations to assign and manage alerts efficiently and quickly. We free your time from repetitive activities.

Comuni-Chiamo is used by


To establish a direct line with citizens and monitor the territory
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Maintenance Companies

Receive requests for intervention and organize external teams
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Identify non-conformities on plants and plan interventions
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Coordinate collaborators and manage issue reports from partners and visitors
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Partners and Integrations

Our numerous collaborations allow you to integrate Comuni-Chiamo with WebGIS and the management systems of your suppliers.

A simple and immediate way to further improve your service.

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